Women’s Couture Compression

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Celeste Stein Vines & Roses Women’s Couture Knee High Compression Socks

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These stylish, ultra-sheer socks by Celeste Stein improve circulation with graduated compression, giving your legs the relief they need while travelling, working, walking, or just sitting.

Take functional sock wear to a whole new level with these couture Vines & Roses fashion statements for your lower legs.


Sizing: Celeste Stein compression socks are One Size Fits Most and will usually fit a NZ women’s shoe size 5-10 (see our sizing guide for details and conversions), and a calf circumference of up to 43cm.

Care instructions: Turn socks inside out and hand wash separately in warm water with a little detergent or shower gel. Gently squeeze to remove soapy water, then rinse in clean water and squeeze again. Drip dry only, do not put them in the dryer UPON PAIN OF DEATH. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

The Asockalypse… funky socks and leg wear in New Zealand

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95% nylon, 5% spandex, latex free


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