Dinosaur Women’s Knee High

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Dinosaur Women’s Knee-High Socks

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What do you say to a 20-ton dinosaur listening to some wicked tunes in his headphones?

Anything you like – he’s not going to hear you!

Terrible jokes aside, if your fashion sense is more prehistoric than prima donna, get into these romping dinosaur socks in black or purple before they become extinct.


Sizing: Socksmith socks are One Size Fits Most and will usually fit a NZ women’s shoe size 5-10 (see our sizing guide for details and conversions). They are a comfortable fit with a bit of stretch and decent elastic around the top. We’ve had feedback from curvier babes that above about NZ dress size 14, the knee-highs can be difficult to pull over the calf.

The Asockalypse… funky socks and leg wear in New Zealand

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Black, Purple


63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Lycra.


One Size Fits Most


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