Barcode Printed Tights

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Barcode Hand-Printed Tights

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The first use of barcodes was actually to label railroad carriages. So instead of saying, “Meet me in carriage 4-D for a dangerous liaison,” you would say, “Meet me in carriage line space line line line space space line …”, which doesn’t quite work.

Barcodes only gained popularity when they were used to automate supermarket checkouts. Now they are everywhere. Does that mean if you wear a barcode, you are automatically popular? Find out when you wear these gorgeous Barcode Printed tights.

The design on the Barcode printed tights is silk screened by hand onto 100 Denier microfiber stockings.


Sizing: All Nylon Journal tights are “One Size Fits Most” – although they are recommended for a NZ clothing size 8-14. (See our sizing guide for details and conversions). Take care when wearing and washing your stockings as the silk-screened design can crack.

Care instructions: To care for your printed tights, turn them inside out and hand wash them in warm water with a little detergent or shower gel. Gently squeeze your tights and remove all the soapy water, then rinse in clean water and squeeze dry again. Hang to dry. You can put your printed tights in the washing machine IF (and only IF) it is on the delicate cycle, but do not put them in the dryer UPON PAIN OF DEATH.

The Asockalypse… funky socks and leg wear in New Zealand

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Microfiber Nylon/Spandex blend


White – black barcode


One Size Fits Most


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