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What’s Santa got in his stocking for you? 10% off socks + Free Shipping until Christmas 2015

more steampunk socks from the asockalypse

Christmas is our favourite time of year. Here in New Zealand it marks the start of summer, so it’s all about BBQs and beach time. While in the Northern hemisphere, you guys are snuggling up warm with cocoa and roaring fireplaces. We want to help you get your Christmas shopping done without having to hit the malls or stress out about the cost. That’s why, until Christmas Day, we’re offering 10% off your order + FREE SHIPPING on everything in the Asockalypse store. To get the discount, all you need to do is use the coupon STOCKING when you place your order.  So what are you waiting for? Make a sockaholic’s dreams come true this Christmas!

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Use SOCKLOVE coupon for 10% off socks for Valentine’s Day

Yipes Stripes Crew Socks_Socksmith_Navy

Nothing says “I love you” like a pair of gorgeous socks. If you’re stuck for the perfect gift idea for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, then we can help! Grab 10% off your entire order by using the coupon SOCKLOVE at checkout. From delicate pearl chain chandelier tights to funky Big Sur men’s dotty socks, there’s something for every lover within our vaults!

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20% off EVERYTHING in store for Christmas

12 days of sockmass promo

Need to do a bit of Christmas shopping but have no idea what to get? Feeling like you’ve got a hole in your wallet? Well, here at Asockalypse HQ we want to help you do your Christmas shopping for less and get the funkiest socks on the feet of your favourite friends and rellies. We’re offering a whopping 20% off EVERYTHING in our store. That’s right – every sock, ever pair of tights, every cute scarf. To get the discount, all you need to do is add the code:

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Tights Sale! 45-50% off Celeste Stein Nylon Tights

tights sale

Sometimes, as much as you love a range, it’s time to let it go. We’re sad to announce that we’ll no longer be stocking the Celeste Stein range of nylon tights, and we need to clear some space in our stores for more gorgeous new stock. But that’s good news for you, because we are having a MASSIVE sale – now you can get 45-50% off the price of the entire range of Celeste Stein tights! If you want Leopard spots, or the beautiful Heavenlys, or some Tattoo designs, get in fast, because they’re flying out at these prices, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever! Shop the Celeste Stein Tights HERE. Want more from The Asockalypse? Sign up for the Sole Survivor Emails or come hang out with us on Facebook.    

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On the Eleventh day of Sockmas, My True Love Gave to Me …

Heavenly Tights_Celeste Stein_purple nulti

If you were to climb a stairway to heaven, what would you find?

Some people believe heaven is a world where you are always surrounded by what you love most. Which means my heaven would be awfully crowded with a thousand Benedict Cumberpatches – each one carrying a basket filled with kittens and nougat.

In lieu of nougat-carrying Benedict Cumberpatch socks, I hope these Heavenly trouser socks and tights will suffice. Delightfully chubby cherubs frolic through a field of flowers – and although they don’t have smoldering eyes or delicious nougat, they are definitely the most gorgeous socks this side of heaven.

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On the Ninth day of Sockmas, my true love gave to me …

Dancing skeletons knee high socks_socksmith_black white shoe1

Have you ever heard the expression, “Someone is dancing on my grave,”? Well, maybe you wouldn’t mind so much if that someone was a cute little skeleton.

These dancing Skeleton socks are doing the hangman’s boogie on your feet – the perfect gift for the goth girl or guy in your life.

Don’t cause an upROAR – get yourself a pair of Dancing Skeletons knee highs before they sell out! We’ve also got Men’s Dancing Skeletons on special, too!

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On the Eighth day of Sockmas, my true love gave to me …

Dinosaurs Knee High_Socksmith_Black shoe

… Eight Dinos-a-Stompin’! Seven Dragons-a-Flying, Six Dogs-a-Barking, Five Steampunk Things, Four Squinty Eyes, Three French Dogs, Two Jolly Giraffes, and a Peacock in a Pohutakawa Tree! What do you say to a twenty-ton dinosaur listening to some wicked tunes in his headphones? Anything you like – he’s not going to hear you! Terrible jokes aside, if your fashion sense is more prehistoric than prima donna, get into these romping dinosaur socks in black or purple – before they become extinct. Don’t cause an upROAR – get yourself a pair of dinosaur socks before they sell out! We’ve also got men’s dinosaur socks on special, too! We now do free gift-wrapping! If you want to send socks to a lucky friend or relative this Christmas, we can now wrap your package for you before we send it out. Simply write GIFT WRAPPING in the comment field of your order, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also add a personal message in the comment field, and we’ll write that on the tag for you. This service is completely free, because […]

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On the Seventh Day of Sockmas, my true love gave to me …

chinese dragons polonova trouser socks

Practically every ancient civilization has a legend about dragons. The Chinese believe dragons are a symbol of power, strength and good fortune, which is why the Emperor adopted the dragon as a manifestation of imperial power. In Chinese society, it is taboo to disfigure a depiction of a dragon.

Be strong and powerful like the dragon, with these beautiful hand-screenprinted dragon trouser socks, and you too could be fortunate. Personally, I think anyone who gets to wear such awesome dragon socks is pretty fortunate, but I know you’re probably hoping for a successful date or a lottery win.

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