Sock Style

Sock Style shows off our wonderful customers and the different ways they style for the Asockalypse.

Gear Up! Steampunk and Victoriana Socks

steampunk socks from the asockalypse

Steampunk – retro-futuristic fashion styled after a science-fiction world of steam and brass – is taking the world by storm. Here are Asockalypse HQ, we are steampunk-mad! Take a look at some of my favourite socks to help you complete your steampunk outfit. All these styles – and more – will be at AetherCon on Saturday! Our first set of socks include the pretty Dragon Wings Dragonfly Knee highs, from Socksmith. These are perfect for a Victorian gentleman or lady to add to their cabinet of curiosities.

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Sock Style: A Leopard Never Changes His Spots

But you can change yours whenever you like!
Animal prints – especially big cats – are huge this season, but it can often be hard to style them. Leopard is such a bold pattern, it can feel overwhelming to add it to an outfit. For many women, an animal print skirt or jacket is just tooooooo much.

This is why we love animal print socks so much. You can add a little bit of leopard, a touch or tiger, or a dash of dachshund to your outfit without feeling like you’re in a Tarzan & Jane film.

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10 Socks for Goths

socks for goths 2

I must confess, I have a bit of a goth streak. There is nothing I love more than cute little skulls, bats and spiders on everything. While goths are notorious for wearing black, they do also love other colours, particularly red, purple and dark blue. Neon colours like yellow and green are often seen accenting some gothic wardrobes – in a club, these glow under UV light and look seriously badass. We’ve got a huge range of socks that would suit any discerning goth. Have a look at some of our favorite spooky, romantic and beautiful gothic socks below:

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What are Trouser Socks?

polonova skirt trouser sock styling blog2

At The Asockalypse, we stock some pretty awesome trouser sock ranges: Celeste Stein trouser socks come in a range of funky patterns, and our new range of Polonova trouser socks will suit those who love elegance and beauty. (And don’t forget, we are the exclusive stockists of Polonova in New Zealand!)

But despite the inherent awesomeness of these ranges, you guys have been reluctant to try trouser socks. The question we keep hearing is: What exactly IS a trouser sock?

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Sock Style: Sweet Cherries

sweet cherries knee high socks black

Sock Style will be a regular feature here on the Asockalypse blog. It’s all about celebrating personal style and showing off different ways to wear and style your socks. The Sweet Cherries socks are one of our most popular styles. I think it’s because they appeal to such a wide range of people.

To me, the design is pure 40s pin-up, but to others, it’s pretty and summery with a bit of “life-in-the-country” nostalgia. Cherries might be your favourite berry or simply the perfect garnish to your favourite cocktail – whatever the reason, you all seem to love ’em.

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