New Sock Day

An exciting day when new socks arrive at Asockalypse HQ. We love sharing the latest styles of socks and hosiery with you!

New Sock Day: Classic Cool Handmade Crochet Baby Boots


Here at Asockalypse HQ, we are proud to support local businesses and handmade products. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a couple of designs from a new supplier – Classic Cool! Handmade by Monique Wintle, an awesome mama with a love of all things crochet, Classic Cool features booties, hats, and other awesome stuff for babies. You can check out some of Monique’s other gear on the Classic Cool Facebook page, but we’ve stocking two of her most popular items – slouch boots and baby high tops. Classic Cool boots make a great baby shower gift, perfect for keeping little feet warm over a long, cold winter. Plus, look how awesome they are – Baby Kaia (the newest addition to the Asockalypse team) loves hers! These beauties are in our new Kids section – alongside some more awesome stuff in the Shoes, Booties & Slippers tab. Get yours now, because we have limited stock and they’re going to go fast. Poor Monique is going to be crocheting her fingers off! Don’t forget, if you want the first word on new products in store, participate […]

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New Sock Day: Too Fast Gothic Socks & Accessories

Too Fast Blog Header

Hooray, it’s new sock day! If you like your socks dark and dangerous, we have got a treat for you – The Asockalypse is now stocking a range of Too Fast socks and accessories. Too Fast Apparel is one of the leading goth/punk/alt. brands worldwide, and their style is bold, graphic, and awesome. Here at Asockalypse HQ we just love their designs – I am rocking a pair of Ouija Board Garter Socks as I type this – and the high quality of their products. So now you can get some of their best goth socks direct from us! Can you say Kawaii? We love these cut lolita Lucky Cat ankle socks with ruffles. What about Dia de los Muertos cats or sea creatures of the deep? Some new knee high sock designs including Electropus, Unicorns and Tattoos. We’ve also got these amazing garter socks (with detachable garters) that look incredible underneath a mini skirt with your best black boots. And, a few pairs of these studded fingerless gloves – a goth staple! To shop our Too Fast collection, simply […]

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New Sock Day: Over-the-Knee Socks from RocknSocks


We’ve known for a long time that there has been a gap in our sock selection. We’ve got crew socks, knee high socks, tights and even spats, by no super-long and snuggly over-the-knee socks! Over-the-Knee socks (OTKs) are my personal favorite sock length – you can wear them with skirts or shorts to keep your legs warm, and scrunch ’em down around your ankles for a great look.

Well, thighs across the land can rejoice, because we are now stocking an amazing collection of colourful over-the-knee / thigh-high socks from Rocknsocks. These babies don’t just look fantastic – they’re eco-friendly: made from regenerated cotton and wool.

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Don’t Despair, New Socks are Here!

celeste stein new box the asockalypse

It’s been a busy month at Asockalypse HQ. Not only are we busy preparing for our stall at the Winter Ascendance Dark Carnival (on Friday August 4 – tickets still available!), but we’ve also taken delivery of boxes of new Celeste Stein and Socksmith socks. There’s so many that I’m not even halfway through loading them onto the website yet, but I couldn’t wait till I was finished to show you some of the new styles:

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New Socks in Stock Now

new designs on the asockalypse

Here at Asockalypse HQ, we love New Sock Day. That’s the day when our orders arrive here in New Zealand from our fab suppliers and we get to open the packages of pretty socks for the first time!

New Sock Day has been particularly exciting this month, as we’ve got a new range and several new styles in. We want to offer New Zealand’s best range of funky fashion socks for men and women, so we’re working on adding new styles every month – and May has been a whopper! So without further ado, we’d like to introduce the newest additions to the Asockalypse family:

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